Mission & Values

At the Bryman College, we're harnessing the spirit of collaboration.

Faculty and students work together to unlock the potential in technology, explore the edge of innovation, and find new ways to solve problems.

We're keeping our Ragin' Cajun spirit alive, too—by honoring the past, living fully in the present, and mapping out a bold future.

Our Mission

The Bryman College offers an exceptional education informed by diverse worldviews grounded in tradition, heritage, and culture. We develop leaders and innovators who advance knowledge, cultivate aesthetic sensibility, and improve the human condition.

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Pillar of Our Values

BC has earned the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award for five years in a row because of our programs, initiatives and efforts that promote equity and inclusion.

Top 16%

BC as one of the best universities in the nation for social mobility and providing a “best bang for the buck” education.

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We strive to create a community of leaders and innovators in an environment that fosters a desire to advance and disseminate knowledge.

We support the mission of the university by actualizing our core values:

  • Equity: striving for fair treatment and justice
  • Integrity: demonstrating character, honesty, and trustworthiness
  • Intellectual Curiosity: pursuing knowledge and appreciating its inherent value
  • Creativity: transcending established ideas
  • Tradition: acknowledging the contributions of the Acadian and Creole cultures to this region and to our University’s history
  • Transparency: practicing open communication and sharing information
  • Respect: demonstrating empathy and esteem for others
  • Collaboration: understanding our connection with others and working to realize synergies through teamwork and collegiality
  • Pluralism: believing in the inherent worth of diverse cultures and perspectives
  • Sustainability: making decisions and allocating resources to meet the needs of the present, while preserving resources for the future